My First AppExchange Product

My First AppExchange Product

RestEZE - A Native Salesforce Integration Playground.

What is the idea behind this app? What does this app do? Is it available for free? How is it useful to developers? Answers to these, and more questions just a click away.

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How to Securely Access Salesforce with Lightning Web Components Open Source

Lightning Web Components is our open source UI framework to build enterprise-scale apps that run on Salesforce, Heroku, Google Cloud Platform, or anywhere else. When running these apps on these different platforms, you can choose your own backend...   Read More

posted on April 21 2020

Lightning Web Components Open Source Authentication Integration OAuth Connected App JSForce NodeJS Express

Field Level Security in Apex made easy

Controlling access to data based on user permissions is critical for any application. On Salesforce, you can control who sees what using Sharing rules, field and object permissions. However, it is important to note that Apex generally runs...   Read More

posted on January 27 2020

WITH SECURITY_ENFORCED stripInaccessible Schema Methods SOQL Field Level Security AppExchange Security Review

Output Invocation Mapping Error in Dynamic Choices of Einstein Bots

I am sure most of you have started getting your hands dirty on Einstein Bots. If you have run into the below error when trying to build dynamic choices, welcome to the club. "An operation invocation must contain at least 1 output invocation...   Read More

posted on 2 October 2018

Einstein Bots Invocable Methods Dynamic Choice Apex Action Output Invocation Mapping

Does your chat end when Apex Action is called from Einstein Bot

Unable to call an action from Salesfore Einstein Bot? Bot crashes when trying to fire Apex Actions? If you are one of those who is wondering why your Einstein Bot embedded live chat is ending the moment an Apex Action is fired or a dynamic cho...   Read More

posted on 18 September 2018

Einstein Bots sfdc.chatbot.service.permset Apex Actions Permission Sets Dynamic Choice

My First AppExchange Product - RestEZE

The idea stemmed from the need to test multiple APIs our customer had allowed access to, from Salesforce IP Ranges only. This obviously meant - any tools like Postman were of little use here, and writing the same lines of code over and over ag...   Read More

posted on 13 September 2018

Integration Playground RestEZE Callouts Postman Testing Whitelist APIs JSON to Apex Callout Stub

Preparing for Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification

No different from any other consultant exam, you will face a lot of scenario based questions where most of the times, you will have to choose more than 1 correct answer. The options can get quite confusing unless you are really strong in your un...   Read More

posted on 27 March 2018

Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification Trailhead

Use an Email Service Address as Organization Wide Address

Whenever you add an email address as an Organization Wide Address, Salesforce sends a verification email to that address with a link you have to click to verify that it is a real and valid address. Since the email service address you create does...   Read More

posted on 3 March 2018

Email Service OWA Inbound Email Handler

Salesforce Ohana Meet

A 2 day event, first of its kind, which brought together "S.I."s (Systems Integrator - this is the first time I've heard this acronym by the way), Students and Community together under one common roof at Novotel Hyderabad, where I was representi...   Read More

posted on 15 January 2018

Salesforce Ohana Community Recruitement DUG Trailblazers WIT

5 Useful Javascript Libraries

1. Datatable.js Use this library to add advanced interaction like pagination, search controls to any HTML table. The pagination and search are completely on the client side and hence there is no delay in filtering or paging. This interaction...   Read More

posted on 20 February 2016

DataTable Select2 TypeAhead SignaturePad Javascript Visualforce

Styling Visualforce PDFs

The below guide is useful in cases when you want to Add Header and Footer to PDF Documents Repeat Table Header on every page Adding border to tables First, to add styles to a Visualforce PDF, you need to have these 2 attributes in the <a...   Read More

posted on 1 February 2016

PDF RenderAs Table Style Header Repeat

Translating text in a Visualforce Page

Translation workbench, when enabled, translates most standard stuff into the users language. But how do you get a visualforce page translated into a users language? You begin by replacing everything that is hardcoded in English, with Custom Lab...   Read More

posted on 22 April 2015

Translation Workbench Labels Visualforce Cookie

A whole new level of customization with Custom Buttons

One of the various behaviors of Custom Button is "Execute JavaScript", with a content source of OnClick JavaScript. They can not only execute javascript Functions On Click, but you can make Javascript execute on page load too. The main use for...   Read More

posted on 15 April 2015

Javascript Custom Buttons Salesforce Customization Base64 Encode jQuery

Export Apex Code Coverage to Excel

Tooling API proides a rich set of SOAP and REST interfaces that allow you to build custom development tools for applications. We use one such interface for this - ApexCodeCoverageAggregate.The query is just like a normal SOQL Query Se...   Read More

posted on 8 April 2015

Tooling API Test Class Code Coverage Export Excel VisualForce Callouts Apex

Parsing JSON the easy way using Apex

JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is the most preferred way of transferring data over web.In Salesforce, this comes to most use when integrating with an external system.In most of the integrations, you typically use HTTP Callouts...   Read More

posted on 3 April 2015

JSON Deserialize Apex Callouts Inner Class Wrappers

Predictable Iteration Order for Maps and Sets

Salesforce on 1st April has notified a change to the iteration order for unordered collections (maps and sets). A map is a collection of key-value pairs where each unique key maps to a single value.A set is a collection of unique elements.I...   Read More

posted on 1 April 2015

Arbitrary Order Map Set Unordered Collection Apex

Getting Started with Lightning!

Here are a few points from the Meetup organized as a part of Salesforce1 Lightning Developer Week.Salesforce1 Lightning is an all new Component Based Framework built on the Aura Platform which significantly reduces development and maintenance t...   Read More

posted on 15 March 2015

Salesforce Lightning Meetup Developer Week

Thumbnails in VisualForce

Most of the files uploaded to Chatter have a thumbnail next to them which shows the snapshot of the first page of the file.Well, you too can generate the thumbnail for the files you upload and display those in your VisualForce Pages.Thumbnails a...   Read More

posted on 12 March 2015

Thumbnail Chatter Salesforce Content

File Preview in Visualforce

Ever notice how cool, the preview functionality in Salesforce Chatter is? Well, you can reuse the same component that Salesforce does. Chatter uses a Shockwave Plugin to preview files. We can make use of the same plugin using the <embed&...   Read More

posted on 10 March 2015

Chatter Preview VisualForce Documents SWF Salesforce

Execute Javascript from Formula field

Yes, formula fields can be used to execute javascript code on click. For this, we make use of the HYPERLINK Function.The syntax for it is:HYPERLINK("javascript:<your javascript code>","TEXT")Examples:To reload the page: HYPERLINK("javascri...   Read More

posted on 6 March 2015

Salesforce Javascript Formula Fields Hyperlink

Make PDF Files Download and not Open in Browser

Most browsers have an inbuilt capability to execute certain types of files. When these types of files encountered in a URL, typically when you click on a PDF Document or Attachment in Salesforce, the browser executes them and displays them in th...   Read More

posted on 4 March 2015

Salesforce Security Download File Behavior